In the 2016 Spring Break, Edu-iCare staff took students to visit the City of Montreal and City of Quebec in Canada. During the four-day trip, the students were able to appreciate the unique French culture in North America by tasting local foods and understanding the two cities’ colonial history. In each city, the Edu-iCare staff had invited local guides who introduced the history of the cities as well as the stories behind many architectures. In the City of Montreal, students had visited Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal Biodome, Mount Royal, Montreal Botanical Garden, Montreal Olympic Stadium, Bonsecours Market, and Old Montreal. While attracting and fascinating by the unique architectures and history, the students were also enjoying many local foods, such as the most popular French-Canadian cuisine, Poutine. In the City of Quebec, the students had visited Old Quebec, Cathedral- Basilica of Notre-Dame de Quebec, Montmorency Falls, Le Chateau and many other historical sites. This eye-opening and cultural experience has helped the students to improve their understandings toward this diversified world.