Founded in 2013, Edu-iCare’s seven U.S. and China offices partner with 123 private high schools passionate about their international program and the success of their students. By maintaining active relationships and providing timely support for our partner schools, Edu-iCare promotes fruitful academic careers and fulfilling cultural exchange. Edu-iCare continues to research and assess potential partner high schools, in order to offer a wide array of programs and services for our applicants to select a top, catered choice for their academic careers.

Edu-iCare is here to ensure the growth and accomplishments of our students and our partners. We can, because we care.


To broaden international perspective and reconcile cultural divide to bring together a more unified world through awareness and education.

Edu-iCare is an educational consulting firm that strives to provide an enriched environment promoting student growth and academic success. By offering comprehensive consulting and support to our U.S. partner schools, market entry assistance, cultural competency, language support, academic support, and professional, year-round program management to our students, Edu-iCare hopes to broaden international perspective and encourage students to integrate culturally.  

Edu-iCare equips students with intuitive, inquisitive and analytical tools through seminars, tutorship, and student management programs so that they can perceive beyond the conventional and exceed above the ordinary.


  • Provide cultural enrichment and global awareness
  • Increase the international profile of U.S. educational institutions
  • Promote cultural exchange and understanding
  • Inspire student inquisitiveness and peak student interest
  • Support successful academic careers
  • Promote Student growth and development
  • Facilitate effective cultural integration


Edu-iCare’s carefully selected staff is dedicated to the success and well-being of Edu-iCare Program Students. Edu-iCare employees all have extensive experience studying and working abroad allowing them to provide the best consultations for the student’s academic pursuit. With the highest regard for professionalism and deep passion for academic and cultural enrichment, the Edu-iCare team is here to support and guide students through their international experience and academic careers. 


Edu-iCare provides extensive services including, but not limited to:

  • Mandatory orientation sessions to help guide and promote smooth academic, social and cultural transition and adjustments
  • Personal academic and social support
  • Academic status tracking and monitoring
  • Monthly Grade Reports
  • Academic and College Preparatory Seminars
  • Individual tutoring catered to student needs
  • Student-Parent consultation and evaluations
  • Coordination and management for all students and host families
  • After school programs set up with ESL and subject tutors
  • Cultural Experience Trips and Events