Edu-iCare students gave a helping hand at the Allston Brighton Food Pantry in Brighton and at the Centre St. Pantry in Newton. Different groups of our students volunteered at different time at those locations. On Saturday May 16th, our Matignon High School and Waldorf High School groups went to Allston Brighton Food Pantry to help. 

Edu-iCare students did a number of different jobs, from registering the information, sorting the food and cans, delivering the food basket, helping the seniors to carry the bags as well as cleaning the kitchen. 

"Edu-iCare's crew of students did a great job. They all deserve an A!", said Matti Kniva who is one of the supervisors of Allston Brighton Food Pantry. Another supervisor Arthur Downey kept saying thank you to the students. "We always need help in here. This means a lot to us! " he said.

Allston Brighton Food Pantry provides nourishing food at no cost to members of the Allston-Brighton community from 1976. They're dedicated to maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, respectful to all community members, without regard to race, religion, social position, ethnicity, gender, age or sexual orientation.