Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island City, the United States, is one of the eight famous Ivy League schools. Brown University is also the first university in the United States to accept any religious background. Brown University's enrollment competition is extremely fierce, undergraduate enrollment rate of only 8%, part of the professional enrollment rate of less than 5%, which is the United States all have the right to grant the highest in the university ranked No. 6 in the lowest acceptance rate. The University of Brown's funding program provides approximately $ 700 million in grants to students each year in the form of scholarships, grants, loans, etc., which allows more than 50% of students to receive funding. Brown University in 1847 in all Ivy League school set up the first for the undergraduate engineering department, it is also the first to begin to pay attention to media education colleges and universities. The school has five Nobel Prize winners, and two alumni won the Nobel Prize.

Hunt in his luxurious architectural style is well known in the United States . Mr. Vanderbilt, who laid his fortune base from the shipbuilding industry and the New York central railway industry, became one of the richest families in the United States during this period. They in the social, sports, business, fashion and cultural life to write a legendary one after another. In 1972 the Society for Cultural and Cultural Heritage had awarded the villa. Today, this villa has become a villa museum, was designated as a national historical relic, the Italian Renaissance style hall, magnificent hall, has held numerous banquets.